The two previous Preferred Options consultations did not allocate sufficient sites to meet the locally identified need. We are therefore currently undertaking a further ‘Call for Sites’ which will provide an opportunity for individuals, agents, landowners and developers to suggest any further sites that they consider might be suitable for allocation as a Traveller or Travelling Showpeople site. Proposals could be for either new sites or an expansion or intensification of an existing site. Proposals are invited for permanent residential sites or transit sites / temporary stopping places.

The deadline for suggesting potential sites as part of this ‘Call for Sites’ is 5pm on Thursday 19 November 2020.

Please note there is no need to submit any sites that you previously submitted to either of the previous two “Call for Sites” or where you have written to ask for a site to be considered through the Site Allocations DPD process unless you wish to make any changes to previously submitted sites (for example site area, land ownership, new access), or wish to withdraw any site(s) from further consideration.

All sites submitted will undergo a rigorous assessment against specific planning criteria to assess their potential suitability, including whether safe vehicular access can be provided, their proximity to towns and villages with services and facilities and any amenity issues for both site residents and the settled community. Furthermore, it is not appropriate for Traveller sites to be allocated in the Green Belt, in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or on sites liable to flooding. Submitting a site for consideration does not guarantee that it will be found suitable or that it will be allocated as part of the emerging DPD. Any sites that are included within an adopted DPD would still require planning permission.

pdf Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Submission Form (150 KB)

pdf General Consultation Letter (194 KB)

pdf Letter to Travellers and Travelling Showpeople (189 KB)