The three South Worcestershire Councils (SWCs) have drafted a joint Development Plan, the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), and viability and infrastructure evidence underpinning the SWDP has been produced on a joint basis. Notwithstanding this, each of the three local authorities are CIL charging authorities in their own right and so are required to prepare separate CIL charging schedules.

This document forms the first stage of consultation. Outlining the process for developing the Levy in South Worcestershire, it contains the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedules (PDCSs) of the three SWCs. At this preliminary stage, all three schedules were presented together in one document. The PDCSs was consulted on for a period of six weeks from Friday 27 September 2013 to 5pm on Friday 8 November 2013.

pdf Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (September 2013) (1.22 MB)

pdf Community Infrastructure Levy Justifying the Levy Background Document (September 2013) (731 KB)

pdf Summary of representations received during the CIL PDCS Consultation (135 KB)