The Development Boundaries, which direct windfall i.e. non allocated housing development to built up areas thereby preventing encroachment into the open countryside protecting its character, have been reviewed. The methodology for reviewing the development boundaries was consulted on in 2018 and included in the Issues & Options consultation, and finalised thereafter. This methodology was then applied to the 133 existing SWDP development boundaries in south Worcestershire, plus a number of other areas where, according to the methodology, development boundaries could appropriately be put in place. The proposed changes were presented to JAP in June 2019 and will form part of the SWDP Review Preferred Options consultation. It should be noted that any additional land included within the proposed revised development boundaries would only accommodate a maximum of 4 dwellings at 30/ha and would therefore be below the threshold for allocation within the SWDPR.

pdf Development Boundaries Review Preferred Options Document (335 KB)

Assessment Forms and Maps

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pdf Malvern Hills Towns (15.81 MB)

pdf Wychavon Towns (5.83 MB)

pdf Malvern Hills Category 1 Villages (25.74 MB)

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