pdf SWDP Submission Letter (May 2013) (929 KB)

pdf Statement of Availability (June 2013) (214 KB)


pdf SWDP Submission Core Documents List (627 KB)

pdf CD001 SWDP Proposed Submission Document (January 2013) (4.03 MB)

pdf CD004 Duty to Cooperate Statement (May 2013) (2.31 MB)

pdf CD004a Supplement to Duty to Cooperate Statement (February 2014) (180 KB)

pdf CD006 Consultation Report (Reg 22 (1)(c)) (May 2013) (2.11 MB)

pdf CD008 SWDP Submission Policies Map (May 2013) (852 KB)

pdf CD010 Sustainability Appraisal Main Report (Integrated Appraisal) (November 2012) (2.02 MB)

pdf CD011 Habitats Regulations Assessment (Appropriate Assessment) Main Report (November 2012) (485 KB)

pdf CD012 South Worcestershire Infrastructure Delivery Plan (May 2013) (1.89 MB)


Core Documents listed in the SWDP Submission Core Documents List which are not visible here, in addition to other previously published SWDP Supporting Evidence and Background Papers which are not visible here, are available on request; please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01386 565 000.