Leisure, Recreation and Community facilities

Evesham Leisure Centre

Wychavon Sports Facility Strategy 2015-30 (Neil Allen Associates, August 2016)

This document provides the Wychavon District Council and its partners with a robust evidence base and set of strategic priorities to direct future sports planning policy and funding in the context of growth.

South Worcestershire Playing Pitch Strategy 2015-30 (Neil Allen Associates, July 2015)

The South Worcestershire Playing Pitch Strategy presents an overall framework for the future provision of playing fields across South Worcestershire. It draws upon the issues identified within separate assessment reports for Malvern Hills District, Worcester City and Wychavon District and sets out the priorities for the delivery of playing pitches for football, rugby, cricket and hockey up to 2030.

South Worcestershire Hotel Study (Humbert Leisure, August 2009) | Introduction

This report considers the current and potential need for additional hotels. The most suitable broad locations and types of hotel accommodation are identified in this report.

South Worcestershire Public Open Space Alignment Study (PMP, May 2007)

This report reviews previous assessments carried out separately by the three Local Planning Authorities of the need for different types of public open space. It has informed the Open Space, Sport and Recreation policy.

South Worcestershire Sports Facilities Framework (Nortoft, July 2010)

This report assesses the need for and delivery mechanisms to provide the essential community infrastructure to support new homes. Together with the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sports Facilities Framework and the Council’s playing pitch strategies, this report provides the evidence to inform planning policies for sports provision.

Worcester City PPG17 Report (Strategic Leisure Limited, July 2006)
Appendix 1 and 2 (PDF 6.77MB) | Appendix 3 (PDF 12.18MB) | Appendix 4 (PDF 8.52MB) | Appendix 5 and 6 (PDF 2.09MB) | Appendix 7 and 8 (PDF 1.85MB) | Appendix 9 (PDF 6.86MB) | Maps (PDF 34.23MB)

The objective of the study was to identify local needs for provision, and opportunities for enhancement, development or replacement of current facilities. The study covers provision in the public, educational (primarily Local Education Authority Schools (LEA), commercial and voluntary sectors. The study’s results have been assessed Citywide and on a ward by ward basis, for the following: Quantity, Quality and Accessibility.

Village Facilities and Rural Transport Survey  (Wychavon and Malvern Hills District Council, December 2012)
Village Facilities and Rural Transport Survey  (Wychavon and Malvern Hills District Council, March 2010)

The survey applies a set of criteria to assess the sustainability of each settlement and their potential role as a local service centre. The results of the survey have been used to establish a hierarchy of rural villages as set out in policy SWDP 2.