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Housing and mooring facilities at Diglis in Worcester

Worcestershire Housing Market Assessment Monitoring Report 2012/13

The Worcestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment Monitoring 2012/13 is an annual update to the Worcestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2010/11. The monitoring uses the same methodology, definitions and data sources as that used by GVA in the 2010/11 Assessment and therefore produces revised outputs based on the latest data available.

SWDP Sites Master List

SWDP Site Allocations. Planning Status. (Cut off date Friday 5th September for inclusion of new sites.)

Objective Assessment of Housing Need (AMION Consulting, January 2014)

This report sets out the results of work undertaken in late 2013 and early 2014 to derive an
objective assessment of housing need for the South Worcestershire area and its three
component local authorities (Malvern Hills, Worcester and Wychavon).

South Worcestershire Housing Growth and Economic Prosperity Alignment Study

In addition to the evidence provided for the SWDP consultation, the report considers more recent evidence from the 2012 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and the 2010-based sub-national population projections released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in March 2012. It also considers criticisms of the evidence base and methodology that were made in representations on the consultation draft SWDP.

Affordable Housing Development Viability Study (Adams Integra, September 2008)
Supplementary Market Review and Property Prices Report (Adams Integra, July 2010)

These reports provide evidence to support affordable housing policies. They consider all aspects of development viability and the impact of potential affordable housing requirements on viability, to establish the maximum amount of affordable housing that can be delivered from market housing allocations.

Focused Sub-Regional Review of the Regional Spatial Strategy Evidence Base to inform the South Worcestershire Development Plan (Stefan Preuss and John Pattinson, November 2010)

This review focused on sections of the Regional Spatial Strategy evidence base that are relevant to the future planning of South Worcestershire. This work resulted in a number of topic papers highlighting the specific evidence that should be considered when developing South Worcestershire Development Plan policies.

Worcestershire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) – Main Report (arc4 Ltd, November 2014)

Worcestershire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) – Executive Summary (arc4 Ltd, November 2014)

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment. Worcestershire County Council, February 2008.

Policy SWDP33: Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

This report has considered the specific needs of travelling communities for additional sites and pitches and has informed the Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople policy.

House Prices in South Worcestershire (Worcestershire County Council, January 2011)

This monitoring report provides an up to date (annual) summary of house prices in the area.

Joint Response to the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (Worcestershire County Council Historic Environment and Archaeological Service)

This documents the known historic features that may be affected if sites in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment were allocated for development. This information has informed the selection of preferred option sites.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

The purpose of this study was to analyse data and trends relating to local housing markets and issues of affordability of housing within a sub-region of the wider West Midlands region.

Local Housing Needs Report for South Worcestershire (Rupert Scott, September 2007) | Appendices

This report builds on the data and conclusions found in the South Housing Market Area Strategic Assessment and provides a better insight of local housing needs.

Cottages in Cleeve Prior

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment is a continuous process with new additions of this report published at least annually. This assessment helps to identify the most suitable land for future development, i.e. land that is available and deliverable before 2030.

Worcestershire Demographics Report 2011 with a South Worcestershire Appendix (Worcestershire County Council, January 2011)

This report provides up to date information on population trends, i.e. births, deaths, migration and household formation. This information has informed the overall scale of development proposed by the South Worcestershire Development Plan.

Worcestershire Migration Report (Worcestershire County Council, September 2010)

This report provides detailed evidence about people choosing to move into or out of Worcestershire.

Worcestershire Older Persons Housing Report (The Housing and Support Partnership, April 2009)

This report reviews the housing and related support needs and aspirations of older people living in Worcestershire for the next 20 years.