Proposed Significant Changes to the 2011 Preferred Options

Proposed Significant Changes to the 2011 Preferred Options

Please find below a copy of the Proposed Significant Changes to the 2011 Preferred Options Document

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The Form of the Document
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Summary of Significant Changes

Schedule of Significant Changes

Appendix A – Reworded / amended policies for consultation

Appendix B – New Development Management Policies

Addendum. Updated 31 August 2012
It has been brought to the attention of the SWDP team that a policy identified by the three councils for amendment at their meetings on the 3rd July 2012 (SWDP 45 – provision of open space, sport and recreation use in new development) was inadvertently missed off the document containing the list of proposed Significant Changes to the Preferred Options. This document  is currently out to public consultation.

The changes to this policy relate in the main to the wording of the policy and the presentation of the figures relating to the types of land covered by it. As the policy had been the subject of comments following the Preferred Options consultation, this wording had been streamlined and the related target figures presented in a more focussed way (no changes to the amount of land to be provided have been proposed).

In the interests of transparency and in order to ensure that the proposed changes receive the benefit of public consideration, the attached document provides the revised policy wording for your convenience. Any comments you may have on it would be welcomed, to be submitted by the 14th September 2012 at 5.00pm.

We apologise for the late inclusion of this policy but feel it is important to ensure the relatively straightforward changes it includes are subject to the same scrutiny as other amended policies.

Addendum – Roxel (SOC140)
The wording for the above change should reflect that of the other major developed sites in the SWDP. The site is not being excluded from the Green Belt. In this case, the wording for the significant change should read:

SOC140 – Roxel
Major Developed Site (for limited infill development for employment uses only). It is proposed to set out a boundary around the perimeter of the site. Within this boundary, the principle of infill development would be acceptable for employment uses.