Background Papers

View of Dodderhill Church from Droitwich

These ‘working draft’ Background Papers have been published to help the reader understand the South Worcestershire Development Plan Preferred Options and Proposed Significant Changes. These are ‘live’ documents which will be refined to inform the submission for the Secretary of State version of the South Worcestershire Development Plan.  

September 2015

Housing Background Paper – Addendum Update

Housing Trajectories 17 August 2015

December 2014

Non-Strategic Housing Allocations Background Paper

November 2014

Transport Background Paper Technical Update

May 2013

Development Strategy and Strategic Site Allocations Background Paper

December 2012

Housing (revised Nov 2012)

Meeting the Housing Needs of Communities
Site Assessments

Transport (Dec 2012)
Economic Prospects (May 2012, Updated November 2012)

Worcester City Centre – Masterplan

July 2012

Economic Prosperity Background Paper
Demography Background Paper
Demography – South Worcestershire 2010 based Population Projection (Addendum)
Housing Background Paper
Housing Background Paper Appendices 4 to 6  and 8 to 14

July 2011

Economic Prosperity (June 2011)
Broad Locations for Development Growth (June 2011)
Demographics Summary Paper (June 2011)