South Worcestershire Development Plan Review – Issues and Options Consultation

This consultation has now closed.

The South Worcestershire Councils (SWC) i.e. Malvern Hills, Worcester and Wychavon started a Review of the SWDP in late 2017. This was in response to new Government requirements which state that Local Plans should be updated every five years, and therefore a revised SWDP is required by 2021. The Review will extend the Plan period to 2041.

The Review of the adopted SWDP will update the Vision, Objectives, Spatial Strategy and Policies to ensure they remain relevant for the future development of the South Worcestershire area. The second part of the plan includes site allocations, policies and policy designations that will provide for the development needs of the area up to 2041.

The Issues and Options is the first consultation stage for plan making. It sets out what the SWCs consider to be the main issues for the new plan to address, such as meeting the Government’s new housing requirement and meeting the demand for new employment space, as well as considering whether the current development strategy is still appropriate and which of the policies set out within the adopted SWDP need to be revised.

The Issues and Options document can be found using the following link:

The Issues and Options document is also available in PDF format, which can be accessed by clicking here.

An Issues and Options summary document has also been prepared, which can be accessed by clicking here.

The Issues and Options document sets out the matters that potentially relate to managing growth in south Worcestershire up to 2041 and ask a series of topic related questions as part of the consultation. It is not necessary to respond to the entire Issues and Options document. In addition the questions are not exhaustive and responses on areas that may also need addressing are welcome. The consultation commenced on Monday 5 November and ran until 5pm on Monday 17 December 2018.

In support of the Issues and Options, the following evidence documents were produced:

Employment Development Needs Assessment – Part 1

Green Belt Study – Part 1

Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) Call for Sites Submissions

Strategic Housing Needs Assessment – Part 1

Sustainability Appraisal Issues and Options Report

In addition, a series of ‘Explainer Videos’ were produced and can be viewed below: