Wychavon District Council Shop Front Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document

Following public consultation in the autumn 2016, Wychavon District have now adopted the Shop Front Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document at Planning Committee and the subsequent Executive Board meeting with effect from the 15 March 2017.

Copies of the adopted SPD and the Statement of Consultation outlining how the consultation was undertaken, who was involved and how responses were considered can be viewed on the links the below:

Hard copies can also be viewed, from 7 April,  at the following locations:

Wychavon Community Contact Centres in Pershore, Evesham and Droitwich Spa;

Libraries at Evesham, Droitwich Spa, Pershore and Broadway

If you have any further queries please contact:

Sarah Matthews
Wychavon District Council
Telephone: 01386 565453
Email: sarah.matthews@wychavon.gov.uk


Wychavon District Shop Front Design Guide Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) (March 2017)

The Shop Front Design Guide was initially published in 1995.  A new SPD has been produced to update the guidance to reflect our aspirations for shop front design and to reflect current planning policy and planning advice, with the aim of achieving attractive shopping streets that appeal to both locals and visitors.

The aim of the SPD is to explain the vision for the design of shop fronts and signage, including the installation of signage, lighting and security measures to both traditional and contemporary shops and those located within rural and urban areas. As well as being applicable to retail units, the guidance will also apply to catering, financial and professional service businesses located within our historic shopping areas.

The Guide is designed to be used by business and property owners, architects and designers, Planning Officers and Inspectors, and will be predominantly relevant to those premises with a ground floor display window and/or fascia sign. The main towns of Wychavon benefit from Conservation Area designations within their central shopping areas, which place greater restrictions upon unacceptable forms of development. For this reason, we consider that more detailed and comprehensive guidance should be available for these areas.