Main Modifications Consultation Responses

ID Respondent PM Number and Title
900348 Ablett, S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900381 Allbright, M and S MM15/00.04: Plan-making process – SCI, MM15/52A: SWDP52s
900304 ALW Developments LLP (by Framptons) MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/50A: SWDP50/8
668915 Ashley, D MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900371 AXA REIM and Stoford Development Ltd (by Tyler-Parkes) MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/08A: SWDP8 (Policy), MM15/49A: SWDP49/3
900328 Baglin, S MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51 (Policy)
900404 Baglin, S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900315 Baker, R MM15/00.04: Plan-making process – SCI, MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900423 Ball, W Omission Site
900423 Ball, W Omission Site
900416 Barclay-Timmis, K and J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900396 Barratt West (by RPS) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/03B: SWDP3 (RJ), MM15/62B: SWDP62 (RJ)
900411 Barratt West Midlands and Mr Price (by RPS) MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/49A: SWDP49/2
900410 Barwood Strategic Land II LLP (by Bilfinger GVA) MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy)
900424 BB Architecture and Planning Ltd MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/04A: SWDP4 (Policy)
900425 BB Architecture and Planning Ltd MM15/08B: SWDP8 (RJ)
900099 BDM Developments LLP (by Framptons) MM15/52A: SWDP52y
689970 Birmingham City Council MM15/03B: SWDP3 (RJ)
900364 Bloor Homes (by Boyer) MM15/45A: SWDP45 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/2
900364 Bloor Homes Ltd (by Savills) MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
900354 Blundell, C MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
900354 Blundell, C MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900322 Bottomley, N MM15/56A: SWDP56 (Policy)
900321 Bovis Homes Ltd MM15/59A: SWDP60/14
763116 Bovis Homes South West Region Ltd (by PRP) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/05B: SWDP5 (RJ), MM15/12A: SWDP12 (Policy), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy), MM15/14B: SWDP14 (RJ), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/59A: SWDP59 (Policy), MM15/59A: SWDP60/14, MM15/63B: SWDP63 (RJ)
673319 Bowden, R MM15/51A: SWDP51/1, MM15/51A: SWDP51/2
675842 Boyles, J MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
900402 Boyles, P and J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
603101 Brass, J MM15/48A: SWDP48 (Policy)
805212 Bray, R and M (by Land Research and Planning Associates) MM15/59A: SWDP59 (Policy), MM15/59B: SWDP59 (RJ), Omission Site: Omission Site
900399 Bredon and Bredon’s Norton PCl MM15/08A: SWDP8 (Policy), MM15/12A: SWDP12 (Policy), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/16A: SWDP16 (Policy), MM15/20A: SWDP20 (Policy), MM15/21A: SWDP21 (Policy), MM15/22A: SWDP22 (Policy), MM15/23A: SWDP23 (Policy), MM15/32A: SWDP32 (Policy)
900366 Bromley, G and S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
675734 Brown, P J D MM15/00.01: Sustainability Appraisal, MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900218 Bruton, V MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900426 Burlton, N MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900221 CALA Homes Midlands Ltd (by PRP) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/05B: SWDP5 (RJ), MM15/12A: SWDP12 (Policy), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy), MM15/14B: SWDP14 (RJ), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/4, MM15/59A: SWDP60d, MM15/63B: SWDP63 (RJ), Omission Site: Omission Site
900351 Cale, B MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900344 Campbell, M MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
626593 Campbell, S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900418 Canal and River Trust MM15/00.05: Plan-making process – legislation, MM15/41A: SWDP41 (Policy), MM15/42A: SWDP42 (Policy)

Supplementary Information (For information only): This is additional information submitted after the receipt of the Inspector’s Report on 4th February 2016. This Supplementary Information is not a Main Modification representation and has not been considered by the Inspector.

Broadway Caravan Club (by Savills)

MM15/59A: SWDP59 (Policy)
900313 Chaplin, A K MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
676768 Chestnutt, S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900320 Chilver, B MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900336 Clark, N and M MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900353 Clarke, P MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900311 CLH Pipeline System Ltd MM15/00.06: No comment
900387 Coburn, D MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900390 Coburn, D and Family and Niven, J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
9054 Cotswold Conservation Board MM15/23A: SWDP23 (Policy)
7612 CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/56B: SWDP56 (RJ)
900391 Crawford, L et al (by Haston Reynolds) MM15/57A: SWDP57c
900308 Crown Commercial Service MM15/00.06: No comment
900370 Dash, G MM15/52A: SWDP52s
605069 Defford and Besford PC MM15/26A: SWDP26 (Policy)
900318 Dixon, R and J MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900360 Doran, Mr and Mrs MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900338 Doyle, J MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51 (Policy)
900349 Duncan, J and D MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900332 Ealey, M J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7, MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
900373 Edwards, C MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900409 Edwards, L MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
605037 Ellis, J R MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
605037 Ellis, J R MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
900389 Emms, R and S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900359 England, C MM15/00.04: Plan-making process – SCI, MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900414 English Care Villages (by BB Planning) MM15/20A: SWDP20 (Policy), MM15/20B: SWDP20(RJ)
900386 Environment Agency MM15/43A: SWDP43 (Policy), MM15/44A: SWDP44 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45 (Policy)
675273 Esso Petroleum Co Ltd (by Fisher German) MM15/00.06: No comment
900421 Evans Jones Ltd MM15/45A: SWDP45/1
723494 Evesham District Scout Council MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
7362 Evesham Town Council (by BB Architecture and Planning) MM15/50A: SWDP50/7, MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
900408 Gillham, J P MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy)
694808 Gladman Developments MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/1, MM15/45A: SWDP45/2, MM15/63B: SWDP63 (RJ), MM15/AnnE: Annex E
900420 Gleeson Developments and Welbeck LLP (by RPS) MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/05B: SWDP5 (RJ), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/21A: SWDP21 (Policy), MM15/27A: SWDP27 (Policy), MM15/37A: SWDP37 (Policy), MM15/39A: SWDP39 (Policy), MM15/56A: SWDP56 (Policy)
900339 Gough, K and C MM15/00.05: Plan-making process – legislation, MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900085 Greenlight Developments Ltd (by PRP) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/05B: SWDP5 (RJ), MM15/12A: SWDP12 (Policy), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy), MM15/14B: SWDP14 (RJ), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/63B: SWDP63 (RJ), Omission Site: Omission Site
900352 Gregory, B MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900362 Grey, J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900415 Griffiths, H N MM15/52A: SWDP52s
417336 Haines, R and B MM15/00.05: Plan-making process – legislation
690058 Hale, J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7, MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
604286 Hallam Land Management Ltd MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/07B: SWDP7 (RJ), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy), MM15/17A: SWDP17 (Policy), MM15/27A: SWDP27 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/2, MM15/50A: SWDP50/7, MM15/52A: SWDP52 (Policy)
900310 Hampton, S MM15/49A: SWDP49/2
625905 Harrison, D MM15/00.08: Proposals Map, MM15/18A: SWDP18 (Policy)
900417 Hartlebury Parish Council MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/17A: SWDP17 (Policy)
741562 Heming, R and Gisbourne, J (by Framptons) Omission Site: Omission Site
744089 Highways England MM15/45A: SWDP45 (Policy), MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51/1, MM15/51A: SWDP51/3, MM15/52A: SWDP52 (Policy)
900368 Historic England MM15/06A: SWDP6 (Policy), MM15/24A: SWDP24 (Policy), MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900337 Hodges, T MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900385 Home Builders Federation MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/13B: SWDP13 (RJ), MM15/27A: SWDP27 (Policy), MM15/30A: SWDP30 (Policy), MM15/63B: SWDP63 (RJ)
900432 Hudson, G MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy)
603920 Jarman, T MM15/00.04: Plan-making process – SCI
603920 Jarman, T MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900419 Johnson Brothers (by Pegasus) MM15/00.05: Plan-making process – legislation, MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/11A: SWDP11 (Policy)
900345 Jones-Ford, J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900401 Kaveh, H (by PRP) Omission Site: Omission Site
604300 Kempsey Parish Council MM15/59A: SWDP59f
900325 Kirby, P MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy)
900331 Law, J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900350 Lawrence, R MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900323 Lee, K MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900323 Lee, K MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900312 Logan, I and K MM15/43A: SWDP43 (Policy), MM15/59A: SWDP59 (Policy)
900316 Logan, W and P MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
7402 Lower Broadheath Parish Council MM15/45A: SWDP45/2
900347 Ludlow, N MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900346 Makepeace, S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
739125 Malvern Hills AONB Partnership MM15/23A: SWDP23 (Policy), MM15/52A: SWDP52 (Policy), MM15/52A: SWDP52d
900374 Malvern Town Council MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/25A: SWDP25 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/2, MM15/52A: SWDP52s, MM15/56A: SWDP56 (Policy), MM15/56B: SWDP56 (RJ)
7409 Malvern Wells Parish Council MM15/52A: SWDP52 (Policy)
605424 Merriman, C MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900007 Middle Battenhall Farm Land Action Group MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy), MM15/43A: SWDP43 (Policy)
7484 Ministry of Defence Estate Management Holdings MM15/00.06: No comment
7702 Misters Bros Ltd (by PRP) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy), MM15/14B: SWDP14 (RJ), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/43A: SWDP43/4, MM15/43A: SWDP43/l, MM15/63B: SWDP63 (RJ)
900350 Mobile Operators Association MM15/26A: SWDP26 (Policy)
900015 Moss, N MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900018 Moss, P MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900355 Mullen, P MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900375 National Federation of Gypsy Liason Groups MM15/17A: SWDP17 (Policy), MM15/17B: SWDP17 (RJ)
900398 Natural England MM15/00.06: No comment
900329 Network Rail MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/04A: SWDP4 (Policy), MM15/07A: SWDP7 (Policy)
680969 Nicklin, E MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
216129 Norton Juxta Kempsey Parish Council MM15/45A: SWDP45/1
900413 Noyes, I D MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51 (Policy)
738002 O’Brien, M MM15/00.01: Sustainability Appraisal, MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy)
900305 Ofcom MM15/00.06: No comment
900319 Office of Rail and Road MM15/00.06: No comment
900377 Overbury, B MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900357 Pariss, D MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900361 Parry, S MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900356 Payne, R MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900378 Phillips, K MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900363 Pickersleigh Residents’ Group MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy)
900327 Place Partnership Ltd_Police and Fire MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/02B: SWDP2 (RJ), MM15/09A: SWDP9 (Policy), MM15/21A: SWDP21 (Policy), MM15/37B: SWDP37 (RJ), MM15/45A: SWDP45 (Policy), MM15/49A: SWDP49 (Policy), MM15/62B: SWDP62 (RJ)
900054 Pocock, M MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900334 Potter Group (by Harris Lamb) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy)
8344 Powell, J T MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
8066 QinetiQ (by Bilfinger GVA) MM15/08A: SWDP8 (Policy), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/52A: SWDP52 (Policy), MM15/53A: SWDP53 (Policy), MM15/53B: SWDP53 (RJ)
900427 Quadrant Town Planning Ltd MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/02B: SWDP2 (RJ), MM15/AnnD: Annex D
675452 Racey, A MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900397 RAW Group MM15/52A: SWDP52s
753192 RCA Regeneration Ltd MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy)
900326 Reape, P MM15/00.07: General Comment
900393 Ridgely, J MM15/52A: SWDP52y
900365 Robert Hitchins Ltd (by Pegasus) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/02B: SWDP2 (RJ), MM15/04A: SWDP4 (Policy), MM15/07A: SWDP7 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/5, MM15/62A: SWDP62 (Policy)
900343 Rose, N MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900273 Rotorspan Helicopters Ltd (by EJ Planning) MM15/49A: SWDP49/2, MM15/49A: SWDP49/3
900395 Ruston Planning Limited MM15/17A: SWDP17 (Policy), MM15/17B: SWDP17 (RJ)
677258 Sandals, Cllr J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900306 Sansum, S MM15/00.04: Plan-making process – SCI, MM15/00.05: Plan-making process – legislation, MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51 (Policy)
900380 Save Elgar’s Village Group MM15/45A: SWDP45/2
900333 Schroders UK Property Fund (by Harris Lamb) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy)
900335 Scutt, V MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900335 Scutt, V MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900083 Seven Capital (by Turley) MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/04A: SWDP4 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/1
900232 Severn Trent Water MM15/00.06: No comment
678273 Smith, E MM15/43A: SWDP43 (Policy)
900394 Smith, F MM15/52A: SWDP52y
677176 Smith, G MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900309 Smith, M MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51 (Policy)
900367 Smith, R MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900089 Sport England MM15/07B: SWDP7 (RJ), MM15/37A: SWDP37 (Policy), MM15/62B: SWDP62 (RJ)
900403 St Mowden Developments Ltd (by Planning Prospects) MM15/02B: SWDP2 (RJ), MM15/03A: SWDP3 (Policy), MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy), MM15/43A: SWDP43/20, MM15/44A: SWDP44 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51/3
900369 Sutton, J and D MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900139 Sweetman, J MM15/52A: SWDP52y
763890 Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd (by Barton Willmore) MM15/59A: SWDP60/16
900412 Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd and Persimmon Homes MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy), MM15/43A: SWDP43/23
597968 Teme Valley South Churches MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy)
634478 Tenbury Town Council MM15/57A: SWDP57 (Policy)
900379 Tewkesbury Borough Council MM15/00.07: General Comment, MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/02B: SWDP2 (RJ), MM15/03B: SWDP3 (RJ), MM15/04B: SWDP4 (RJ), MM15/09A: SWDP9 (Policy), MM15/13A: SWDP13 (Policy), MM15/17A: SWDP17 (Policy), MM15/33B: SWDP33 (RJ), MM15/39B: SWDP39 (RJ), MM15/Gloss: Glossary
900406 The Coal Authority MM15/31A: SWDP31 (Policy), MM15/32A: SWDP32 (Policy), MM15/32B: SWDP32 (RJ)
900372 Theatres Trust MM15/37A: SWDP37 (Policy)
900405 University of Worcester (by Planning Prospects) MM15/14A: SWDP14 (Policy), MM15/14B: SWDP14 (RJ), MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy), MM15/43A: SWDP43/29, MM15/44A: SWDP44/4, MM15/45A: SWDP45 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/2
900392 Vale of Evesham Civic Society MM15/07A: SWDP7 (Policy), MM15/10A: SWDP10 (Policy), MM15/50A: SWDP50/7, MM15/51A: SWDP51/1
793002 Warndon Parish Council MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/43A: SWDP43/20, MM15/45A: SWDP45/5
900317 Way, D MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900376 Webb, P MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900358 Webster, J MM15/50A: SWDP50/7
900422 Welbeck Strategic Land (by Savills) MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/07A: SWDP7 (Policy), MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/25A: SWDP25 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/1
900226 West Midlands HARP Planning Consortium (by Tetlow King) MM15/15A: SWDP15 (Policy), MM15/15B: SWDP15 (RJ), MM15/16A: SWDP16 (Policy)
900400 Whitehouse, D MM15/50A: SWDP50 (Policy), MM15/51A: SWDP51 (Policy)
900384 Whittington Parish Council MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/45A: SWDP45/5
224012 Williams, A J MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy)
379556 Williams, F MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy)
549174 Woodland Trust MM15/21A: SWDP21 (Policy), MM15/22A: SWDP22 (Policy)
67481 Worcester Civic Society MM15/45A: SWDP45/2
900148 Worcestershire County Council MM15/00.05: Plan-making process – legislation
900330 Worcestershire Regulatory Services MM15/00.06: No comment
900082 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust MM15/05A: SWDP5 (Policy), MM15/05B: SWDP5 (RJ), MM15/22A: SWDP22 (Policy), MM15/22B: SWDP22 (RJ), MM15/29A: SWDP29 (Policy), MM15/30B: SWDP30 (RJ), MM15/31A: SWDP31 (Policy), MM15/38A: SWDP38 (Policy), MM15/39A: SWDP39 (Policy)
690175 Wyre Forest District Council MM15/02A: SWDP2 (Policy), MM15/59A: SWDP61/*