Supplementary Market Review & Property Prices Report

Supplementary Market Review & Property Prices Report (Adams Integra, July 2010)

This updated research and summary is supplementary to the South Worcestershire Affordable Housing Development Study (May to September 2008) by Adams Integra.

It was commissioned by the 3 Councils to provide updated information on the property market and values trends. In that context it was to inform a view on whether that previous study recommendations on affordable housing policy targets remain relevant given the varying market conditions we have seen/may still see, and the need for a topical strategic overview to be maintained.

First, we provide below a brief summary of the outcomes from the updated research. Following that, the renewed research and market overview is set out, beginning on page 5 of this document.

At the end of this document (beginning on page 54) we provide some updated information on build costs and cost guides/estimates related to meeting Code for Sustainable Homes Standards.

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