Papers for December 2012 Full Council Meetings

Please find below the links to the papers and documents that will support Councillors’ discussions on 10th December 2012 (Malvern Hills District and Worcester City Councils) and 18th December 2012 (Wychavon District Council).

Cover Report

Appendices to the Cover Report

Appendix no.

Appendix Name

1 SWDP Draft Pre-Submission Document
2 Full Schedule of Issues and Responses

3 Integrated Assessment 

This comprises the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment each of which comprises a main Report and a number of appendices all which can all be accessed below. The Integrated Assessment has been performed against the Draft Pre-submission document (Appendix 1 to the December Council Papers).

Sustainability Appraisal

Habitat Regulations Assessment

4 Infrastructure Delivery Plan
5 Overall Viability Study
6 SWDP Consultation Report
7 Recommended consultation programme for the Jan-Feb 2013 technical consultation on the Draft Submission Document.
8 Revised LDS / Project Plan
9 Updated Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Water Cycle Study (available from 30 November 2012)
10 Background Papers


Provisional mapping for the proposals is available via the interactive mapping system. This will be subject to confirmation at each of the three Authorities full council meetings in December 2012. A version showing any final revisions will be published in January 2013 prior to the technical consultation around legal compliance & soundness.

Full Schedule of Abridged Representations on Significant Changes (sorted by SOC number, 5/12/12)

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