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SWDP Proposed Submission Consultation

In December 2012, all three participating Councils approved the SWDP Proposed Submission Document for public consultation which ended on Friday 22 February 2013.

Approximately 600 individuals and interested parties responded. Many have made multiple representations and these are now being processed. All those that are duly made will be submitted to the Secretary of State who will appoint an independent Inspector to examine the SWDP.

The examination begins as soon as the plan is submitted. The Inspector will hold a number of hearing sessions, likely to be over a 3 week period during the summer. Each session will cover a topic (be it generic, policy or site specific) which the Inspector considers needs examining.

If you have indicated that you wish to participate at a hearing then every effort will be made to accommodate you. However on some matters numerous representations have been submitted, which raise very similar issues. Therefore you may be asked to group together, as it is unlikely that all those wishing to participate will be able to do so.

The hearing sessions are all open to the public to attend and observe.

Clarification of site description of Site Allocation SWDP43/4 Old Northwick Farm

In the Issues and Responses Summary Report (28 November 2012) on Significant Changes Consultation (Summer 2012), the description of an area to exclude from the Old Northwick Farm site allocation was unclear because it refers to ‘delete land at 22a Northwick Lane’.  It should  have read ‘delete land at Old Northwick Farmhouse, Northwick Lane’ .  The maps that were available at the Full Council meetings in December 2012 and the  Interactive Map for the  Proposed Submission Plan exclude Old Northwick Farmhouse from Site Allocation SWDP 43/4 Old Northwick Farm.