Where to now after the Preferred Options Consultation (Sept – Nov 2011)?

We have received an outstanding level of interest in the SWDP’s latest consultation. This has been demonstrated through 4,000 people attending the 40-odd official consultation events throughout the SWDP area . Nearly 5,000 submitted responses many of which raise a number of issues have been submitted by from local residents, businesses, developers, infrastructure providers and statutory agencies.

This level of interest, along with unfortunate technical issues associated with the on-line consultation tool, caused us to extend the consultation period by a week so that no-one was disadvantaged in getting their views to us.  We are currently sifting through this huge volume of information and for the next few weeks will be analysing it and assessing its implications for the Plan along with identifying where any adjustments are required.

 What happens next?

It is anticipated that by the end of February we will have fully assessed all responses that we have received and that these will be loaded onto the website. We will move as quickly as possible to develop responses to the consultation feedback and will report back to each of the South Worcestershire Councils.   Within this timeframe we will also need to assess whether or not we will have to commission any additional evidence to assist the development of the SWDP or possibly deliver some additional targeted consultation should any major changes (e.g. new proposed housing allocations)  to the SWDP Preferred Options be considered.

As we move forward to the preparation of the Draft Development Plan Document (Regulation 27) stage) later in 2012 there will be a lot happening ….the SWDP Team would like to thank you for all your contributions and would encourage you to keep an eye out for updates over the next couple of months  and beyond.

Droitwich Spa Roadshow, Wednesday 16 November – Change of Venue

The Droitwich event on Wednesday 16th November will not be at the Parish Centre as previously advertised but will now be held at the Former Carpet Shop, 11 St Andrews St. We apologise for any inconvience caused.

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